The Smoker’s Quit Dilemma.

Let’s start by asking the only question that matters – DO YOU WANT TO QUIT?

At any one given time, most smokers would jump at the opportunity to quit – especially if there was a guaranteed way to do this! A quit method that resulted in easy success instead of lots of struggle leading yet again to another failed attempt, or a short success leading yet again to another ‘bust’. And if you were able to quit and just move on with your life, without feeling like you have lost something important!

So yes, of course YOU WANT TO QUIT. Then the Next question to ask is – Which quit smoking method is going to be the one that works for you – preferably one that has a guaranteed success?

Trying to find the right way to quit smoking is a lot like trying to find the best way to lose weight. There are so many options to try. And that is the issue right there.

When you look at weight loss strategy options, you can see that there are countless diets and weight loss programs, and magic answers (possible at a special price for today only). And this immediately tells you that there is no single weight loss program that works for everyone.

Quitting smoking is the same. There are dozens of popular quitting strategies, where each may work for some of the people some of the time. No one quit method works for everyone!

  • Cold turkey
  • Nicotine replacement therapies
  • Prescribed meds 
  • Counselling
  • Quit classes and groups
  • Webinars
  • CBT behavioral therapy for habits
  • Mindfulness 
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Or some combination of these

So what are you to do? Spend your life trying one method after another and just keeping your fingers crossed that perhaps the next time you will somehow get there!!

In my 30 years of smoking I personally have tried all of the quit options listed above, and even tried some of these many times. Cold turkey was my most popular choice, but the problem with that was that it often involved one cold turkey attempt per day, day after day for a while before giving up trying again for a bit. Lots of smokers will understand this one! Plan to quit ‘cold turkey’ tomorrow, but then on the day there was somehow always good reasons why it was all too hard, and why it was best to just defer and plan to try again ‘tomorrow’.

So is there any value to just trying again and again, even if it means using the same quit methods each time.

And the answer is yes.

Successful ex-smokers are known to, ON AVERAGE, have had about 8 serious quit attempts before finally succeeding. And these ex-smokers most often can’t tell you why the last quit attempt was successful.

So then it makes sense to just keep trying again and again until you finally succeed.


And again, the answer is yes.

Your smoking world is one that evolved layer by layer over time. Why expect yourself to beat this in one moment with an all or nothing cold turkey attempt. It is much more reasonable to try and deconstruct your smoking world step by step by following a skill-building method instead.

If you have a game-plan to follow, then it is possible to take yourself through a process where you slowly but surely learn to build new habits that help you to manage your cravings.

If we look at the forces involved in the world of a long-term smoker, then the first thing we come up against is the nicotine addiction and withdrawals. This is the brain’s starting point for the whole smoking addiction process, but is nevertheless the smallest part of what keeps a smoker stuck. The powerful forces behind smoking addiction involve the habit programs for the smoking and the triggers to smoke. Bit by bit, the act of smoking 20 times a day ends up weaving itself into the fabric of your whole waking day. And then you start to develop emotional connections to your smokes and to being a smoker.

These are the real powers behind the smoking addiction and the difficulty in quitting.

If you look at it from this perspective then it becomes easy to understand that a strategy for dealing with the cravings, the habits, and the emotional attachments will allow you to gradually take increasing control over these forces. Then when you decide to finally quit and go ‘cold turkey’, the resistance is minimal and manageable, and the success easier and more guaranteed.

This is what we now see in the new wave of quit-smoking programs that are coming through in the world. This is how the QSA program is designed to operate. To give you a structure to follow that puts the smoker in charge of their quit process.

Take the lottery out of quit attempts

By getting your brain to work For you instead of Against you.

Understand your opponent, and you can take charge of your quit process!

What a smoker has, is a nicotine addiction, a bunch of habit programs and triggers that are all designed to make them ‘Light Up a Smoke’, and a whole bunch of beliefs that tell them that smoking is their friend and smoking makes their life better. AND they may also believe that trying to escape smoking is too difficult and demoralizing.

That right there is a paralyzing set of barriers that get in the way of success with any and every quit attempt.

Self-Hacking your Smoking Habit & Addiction.

Long-term smokers have the nicotine dependency, the huge list of habit and trigger habit programs, and the sabotaging belief systems. And all of these result in Your Brain working Against You!

They get in the way of a successful quit attempt.

If you can create a Self-Hacking quit program, then you can Train Your Brain to Work for You Instead of Against You!

You have a big brain. The biggest, smartest brain on the planet.

  • Capable of new learnings and understanding.
  • Capable of making decisions.
  • Capable of making new Intentions and Commitments.
  • Capable of following a plan to dismantle the addiction programs and creating new habits and rewards.
  • Capable of using social and community support.
  • Capable of becoming an expert at managing cravings to the point of being able to switch off cravings.
  • Capable of Self-Hacking your own brain to become a Non-Smoker on your way to a Smoke-Free life.