Free Tapping

For when smoking,
and when not-smoking

Tapping Exercises

‘Tapping’ is an increasingly popular practice used by psychologists around the world to help with post-traumatic stress, phobias, mood disorders, and addictions.

It’s used by the armed forces in some countries to help deal with post-traumatic stress.

It involves tapping a part of your body while reciting a ‘script’ to yourself.  And it seems to help the brain let go of old traumas or habit programs.

Functional MRI brain scan studies show that tapping helps clear ‘bad’ programs from the brain via neuroplasticity and brain rewiring.

Could be a trauma, an obsession, a phobia, or in this case- an addictive craving.

It might look a little strange (and feel a little embarrassing at first), but the bottom line is that it is now proven to work.

When you feel a craving to ‘light up a smoke’, see how often you can manage to do the following:

  • Use the 4 fingers of one hand to tap the side of the palm of the other hand.
  • You can do this on both sides if you have time, by swapping the tapping over to the other palm.
There are two scripts below: one for when you are still smoking, and a second for when you are not-smoking. 

Script 1 - While still smoking

Script 2 - When NOT smoking