Frequently Asked Questions

See below for some common question and answers about the QSA Program

QSA is an 8-week program, with a 1 hour zoom (live online) meeting each week at your selected time slot.


These meetings are with your guide and peers and are very enjoyable. If you can’t make a meeting, you can also access the recording of it afterwards.


Between the meetings there are simple exercises to complete that vary week-week, but typically these take around 30 minutes – 60 minutes to complete.


Outside of the weekly exercise, on a day-day basis a lot of what this program involves is about holding an awareness of your thoughts and feelings through the day, and this takes really no additional time out of your day at all.  


So, by investing a couple of hours a week for a 2-month period, you will be guided to systematically break-down your attachments to smoking and can be a struggle-free ex-smoker at the end of the process - a worthy investment.

The QSA program is an innovative, comprehensive program developed by a medical Doctor that uses best practices to guide you through effective and powerful behaviour change to help you create a life free from smoking.


The Program changes the way you think about smoking, addiction and quitting and provides a clear guided structure, along with continual support via peers and a group guide to help you become a struggle-free ex-smoker.

The short answer to this is that QSA provides and combines:


  • A clear guided path for creating a smoke-free life.
  • It equips you with powerful simple-to-use tools for dismantling your cravings
  • And uses a Support Structure of peers and a dedicated guide so that you don’t go on a quit journey alone

The Program foundation is built upon best practice research that has shown combining behaviour change methods with strong social support provides the best outcomes for smoking cessation.


The Program was designed from the ground up to offer this in an innovative, engaging, highly accessible and cost effective manner for participants.


This is a stark contrast to many solutions which are either not-based on expert research, offer tactical ‘quick fixes’ that fail to adequately address the underlying drivers of smoking addiction, and fail to provide the structure and support smokers need to effectively create a smoke-free life.

The QSA program is designed for all smokers (18 years old and over) who have made up their mind that they are ready to stop, and just want some help in making this quit attempt be a successful one.


It is suitable for those who have never tried to quit before, as well as those who have already tried to quit but failed.

It is suitable for those who have successfully quit but then ‘busted’ and relapsed.


It is suitable for those who are sick of running quit attempts inside the loneliness of their own head and who would like support, a clear structure and a guided path this time during their Quit process.

The QSA Program was developed by an Australian medical Doctor and implements best-practice research in the fields of neuroscience, addiction, and psychology.


The program implements methods including:


  • Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Narrative therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

These methods are used to systematically dismantle the 4 layers of smoking addiction to not only help participants quit, but to become ex-smokers free from all their former ties to smoking.


These methods are backed by a solid foundation of support via peers and a group guide, along with a clear structure and process for the participant quit journey.

No. There is no set quit day for a date to STOP. There is a date for starting the quit process. This is more of a date to START.


The quitting is something that you move slowly and surely through as a natural process that you control and set the pace for but with support and guidance from our team.

Yes. Patches, lozenges and other forms of NRT can continue to be used or can be added in during the quit process, however we encourage that these are ceased towards the end of the program.


We even encourage (with your doctor’s agreement) the use of NRT during the initial weeks of your quit journey to reduce purely nicotine-withdrawal based symptoms, so that the behaviour change elements of the course are easier to focus on.


According to your own personal medical advice, prescription medicines can be continued or added in as well during this program. 


During the initial weeks of the QSA Program, we will encourage you to talk to your Doctor about the suitability of NRT and prescribed medicines so that you have these elements clear by the time you are starting the actual quit process.

A smartphone, tablet or laptop with a camera, microphone and internet connection is all that is needed to participate in the QSA Program.


  • The weekly meeting is run via Zoom, which can be downloaded as an app on your smart device, or just accessed via the browser from your computer.
  • The home exercises are made available via the QSA website, and physical exercises such as questionnaires and the quit diary are mailed to your nominated address.
  • The chat group of your peers is provided via a private encrypted WhatsApp messaging group

Your dashboard on the QSA website has all the links you need to access everything, and the tools themselves are all free and have no additional cost to participants (outside of any data charges your home internet/phone plan may have).


Even those who are not very technology literate generally find these tools simple to use once they are up and running, and our team are also always just a message away to assist with any technical problems you may have whilst on the program.

Got more questions? Watch our On-demand Information Session or use our contact form and a member of the team will respond to you